Schedule Updates last revised 06/25/18

The following changes are being noted for the 2018 Morgan Masterpiece.

Class #27 TBA will become:  Showmanship In-Hand Pony/Horse for the Hackney Society Introductory Medallion

 Class Description: Attire for handler will be dark jodhpurs, shirt, tie, vests (optional), riding boots, gloves and hair neatly held back so the number is easily read.  Riding suit and hats (other than protective headgear are prohibited).  Judging will be based 50% on presentation of the  pony/horse and showmanship skills, 40% on condition, grooming and fitting of the pony/horse and 10% on appearance and grooming of exhibitor.  Judging procedures, see SB#180.  Workout, See SB#181.

Class #89 TBA will become: Youth Medallion Pleasure Pony/Horse Under Saddle Medallion

Class Description:   To be shown under English saddle, open bridle with snaffle bit single or double reins (martingale optional), full bridle (curb and snaffle, or Pelham (without martingale) acceptable.  Braids or artificial devices are not allowed.  Rider attire to be dark jodhpurs, shirt, tie, fitted or sweater vests (optional), riding boots, gloves and hair neatly held back so the number is easily read.  Riding suits and hats (other than protective headgear) are prohibited.  To be shown at a flat walk, pleasure trot and a road trot.  Entry must stand quietly and are Required to back in the line-up.  To be judged on suitability, manners, performance and quality.

Class #150A will be added Saturday evening:    Hackney Pony  52” and under Under Saddle

Class Description:  Same requirements as class#110 in prize list.

Due to an issue in printing the Prize List – the following is the correct classes numbering and naming.

69-Pleasure Driving Junior Ex/Amateur

70-Exhibition-Open Western Pleasure

71-English Pleasure Limit

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