The Morgan Masterpiece

 July 16 – 18 2020 
Sunnyview Expo Center Oshkosh, WI

Welcome to the 22nd Morgan Masterpiece Charity Horse Show.                                                                          


All Exhibitors must be aware that anyone having a current usef card MUST have taken safe sport and provide proof of same before they can show.  If they have not yet joined they can do so at the show and will have 30 days to take Safe Sport.  The test takes over 1 hour and we will not  have the ability of taking the test at the show.  This is very important we need everyone to be aware of this requirement. It is a rule and there are no exceptions (juveniles are exempt and anyone only in exhibition classes)  


Show Officials

Judge:                                Steve Davis – New Haven, VT

Steward:                          Robin Eden

Ringmaster:                    John Frye

Secretary/Manager:      Cheryl Rangel

Veteranarian:               Dr. Dean Meyer, Lodi Vet Clinic

Barn Manager:            Tatum Westphal 608.575.7717                                      (please contact Tatum early with your stabling needs)

Photographer:              Terry Young

EMT:                               Jason Selwitschka

Organist:                       Randy Roberts

Farrier:                          Kevin Schlabach

General Contact:

Charity to support Rawhide Boys Ranch New London, WI